Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More On Voting

In his voting statement, Leonard Peikoff wrote:

How you cast your vote in the coming election is important, even if the two parties are both rotten. In essence, the Democrats stand for socialism, or at least some ambling steps in its direction; the Republicans stand for religion, particularly evangelical Christianity, and are taking ambitious strides to give it political power.

Socialism—a fad of the last few centuries—has had its day; it has been almost universally rejected for decades. Leftists are no longer the passionate collectivists of the 30s, but usually avowed anti-ideologists, who bewail the futility of all systems. Religion, by contrast—the destroyer of man since time immemorial—is not fading; on the contrary, it is now the only philosophic movement rapidly and righteously rising to take over the government.

Today’s Democrats are socialists, but they are also New Leftists. The New Left encompasses various related ideologies in addition to socialism – multiculturalism, environmentalism, feminism, political correctness, animal rights and probably many other groups and causes. The New Left applies altruism, statism, egalitarianism and collectivism more broadly than does socialism, which is primarily an economic theory.

Contrary to being old and discredited, the New Left is only about 40 years old. In that time its ideologies have infiltrated every aspect of our culture. Our intellectual and artistic leaders are mostly New Leftists. Public education indoctrinates children with New Leftism. Multiculturalism and environmentalism are held up as unquestioned moral ideals. You have to read Objectivists to find vigorous attacks such as Return of the Primitive. The New Left is young and vital and not at all discredited.

We do not know how the New Left is changing the American sense of life, the heritage of individualism that crushed the Democrats in 1972. What horrors might the Democrats pull off now in the name of environmentalism and multiculturalism? How much have people changed since the McGovern defeat of 1972?

Religion is a real and growing threat, but it is not the only one. I would not dismiss the Democrats as relatively harmless because they are just socialists.


This argument of how to vote strikes me as a side issue at best. It matters some, but not a whole lot, which party is in power. American governement changes gradually, which frustrates those who want laissez-faire capitalism tomorrow, but also protects us from dictatorship tomorrow. Under Republicans or Democrats, we will probably continue our muddling, incremental way toward the abyss. As I have stated, I think the Democrats will ruin us faster.

I consider the money I donate to the Ayn Rand Institute as much, much more important, practically and morally, than any vote. Only the spread of Objectivism will save us from dictatorship. Instead of voting for the lesser of two evils, I contribute to the good. And that is important to the health and well being of my soul.

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EdMcGon said...

You really are jumping back into the blogging pool!

Seriously, I can't disagree with anything you have said here.

I just wish we could swap the Democrats for the Libertarians. Then I would have some real choices each election. ;)